Value Added Services

Apollo Sugar has a range of value added services on offer to make it easy for diabetics to follow the regime prescribed by our health care practitioners (doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists etc.). These intuitive services also aid in providing relevant inputs at stipulated time intervals which in turn help in holistic healing and healthy living.

Apollo Sugar's VAS model comprises of:

  • Sugar Lifeline

    Where our on-call experts provide constant support and provide information about Apollo Sugar and its services.

  • Sugar 24×7

    Sugar 24×7 is an all-round wellness plan that is created as per your individual needs, putting you in charge of your condition. This web based platform for our patrons is based on the belief that, the most effective way of managing diabetes is with patient involvement, awareness and empowerment.Sugar 24×7 analyzes your health condition based on different parameters like blood pressure, glucose level etc., which provides a customized path to a balanced life. All Apollo Sugar patrons are provided with this easy to understand and reports tracking tool, accessible on the go – 24×7.

    How Sugar 24×7 Works

    All Apollo Sugar patients are automatically signed up for the Sugar 24×7 program and can avail its benefits, with their Unique Health ID number.

    Diabetes can lead to many health complications, and to protect you Sugar 24×7 provides:

    • Relevant inputs in terms of awareness of your condition, calendars, reports, diagnosis, interaction records and other useful content, at regular intervals, to help manage and keep easy track, thereof
    • Diet and exercise management tips, specifically for each patient, designed by our counsellors and dieticians
    • Detailed schedule of and reports of one-to-one interactions with our experienced consultants
    • Online monitoring of all your crucial diabetes management related health parameters such as blood glucose and BMI
    • Feedback and support with the help of online tracker while sitting in the comfort of your home
Sugar Mobile App
  • A 'Health on the go' option for all diabetics coming soon to your handheld device screens!




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